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February 5, 2004

Grazies, Topeka, Kansas

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How it all happened...

Jessica: February 6th was going to be our nine month anniversary, but we weren't going to be able to see each other that day because of our various obligations. On every month anniversary we had gone out to dinner or done something special to celebrate our time together. So on February 5th, the night before, we decided that we would celebrate our anniversary early. We decided on a little intimate Italian Restaurant that we had been to just one time before. It had been my favorite place that we had ever been, with candlelit tables, soft music in the background, etc. I was thrilled to go there and I was kind of hoping that we would get engaged there, but I somehow knew that that wasn't his plan (from the few hints that I had gotten out of him).

Shawn: So I had bought the ring January 30th and I knew I couldn't hold out until Valentine's Day, the original date I planned on proposing. I took the ring to work to show a couple guys on the 5th and I knew I couldn't wait. So we're at the restaurant and my heart was leaping out of my chest. I was so nervous and kept fighting myself on whether to just do it here or try and wait another 9 days. For a good portion of the night, I had been acting weird, more so than usual so as we got up to leave, she turns away to get her jacket and then I say something like "I'm going to be really random here" and then I propose to her. All Jessica could see was this little lighted box and me on one knee. The ring box had a light in it that would shine down on the ring when the box was opened. She got teary and I was like do you want to sit down? Another couple in the restaurant bought us a glass of champagne and I told her about all the clues, some true, others not, that I had given her the months previous and how up until that day, I didn't know this would be the date either. So it was a surprise for everyone. Her family and mine all knew it was going to be on February 14th so at first her family didn't believe it was true when we called them on our way back to Wamego.